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A light and robust baby car seat

When BeSafe designed iZi Go, safety was the most important feature. As well as safety, it was important for us to create a light and robust baby car seat.

The iZi Go may easily be lifted in and out of a car or attached to a pram chassis.

With its ergonomic carrying handle and integrated sun canopy, the baby car seat has been created with design in mind. The seat offers user-friendly installation in the car. Installation has been simplified in order to minimize the risk of incorrect use. iZi Go child car seats are possible to install with ISOfix.



Accessories iZi Go



Winter bag iZi Sleep/iZi Go

BeSafe's winter bag will keep your baby warm in cold days or in a cold car.

Rain cover iZi Sleep/iZi Go

BeSafe's rain cover will protect your child from the rain. Practical when using your Travel System or when you are not using your baby seat in your car.

Bodyhugger kit - iZi Go

Bodyhugger Kit includes comfort pad and belt padding.

Available in more colors

Protection cover - iZi Go

This is pulled over the cover of your child seat to protect it from dirt and also to keep it cool on hot summer days.

Available in more colors

Baby cushion

Cushion for the little ones in group 0/1, 0-18kg & 9-18kg. Get a more comfortable and safe child car seat.

Extra covers all products

If you want a new color or just replace the old cover, loose covers for all child car seats are available.

Baby mirror

A BeSafe baby mirror will help you and your child to communicate and you will have full control over how your child is feeling and whether or not he/she is sleeping or just relaxing.

Belt collector

The BeSafe belt collector holds the shoulder belts in place, simultaneously making it harder for "escape artists" to slide out of the belts.

Sun shade

The BeSafe sun protector can be easily attached to the window using a suction cup to provide shade for your child.

Kick cover

BeSafe's padded kick-proof cover in black is designed to protect your car's seats. Can be used for child seats either with or without ISOfix.

Available in more colors

Our baby car seat iZi Go X1/ISOfix scored a great result in a recent European child safety test

BeSafe iZi Plus has just been awarded ‘Best in class’ by Auto Motor und Sport

iZi Combi X4 ISOfix - 

Just Compact!

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