Child car seat safety tests

BeSafe institute.

BeSafe child car seats are subjected to extreme testing to ensure that children are provided with the best possible protection in the real world. We explain the tests and approvals of the child car seats.

Child car seat tests are conducted by International Consumer Research & Testing (ICRT) in conjunction with the ADAC, the German motoring organization. BeSafe would like consumer tests to be easier to understand for the consumer.

BeSafe iZi Sleep and BeSafe iZi Go can fit on a number of strollers, by using the Maxi Cosi adapters.

There are many things you as a parent need to consider when choosing a child car seat. Is it approved for my child? How long can he / she use it? Will it fit in our car? Is it simple and easy to install?
These are some of the many relevant issues, you as a parent need to ask yourself before choosing a car seat. Important to remember is that a matter is more important than any other - Security!

iZi Combi X4 ISOfix - Just Compact!

BeSafe iZi Plus has just been awarded ‘Best in class’ by Auto Motor und Sport

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Meet our testfamilies and read about their experiences with our newest car seat!