50 years experience with car seats


Since 1963 BeSafe have been developing children’s car seats. BeSafe AS is a Norwegian company founded in a small village, Krøderen.


testdummy-with-belt_medium50 years of research and development
Today BeSafe has an international reputation for innovation in connection with car seats for children, and is represented in around 40 countries. 50 years of research and development gives results. BeSafe constantly focuses on developing innovative products to improve children’s safety on the roads. All our child car seats undergo extreme tests to ensure a very high quality standard. Today the tests are performed at ADAC in Germany, as ADAC has developed the most modern criteria for crash testing children’s car seats in Europe.

Innovations for improved safety
For example, studies show that serious neck and head injuries predominate in side impacts. This is why we have developed a unique feature with our new Besafe iZi UP X3 Fix in case of a side impact the seat shell will rotate away from the incoming object, so that the child obtains considerably better protection. This is another patented innovation by Besafe.

Our vision is to have no children seriously injured in road accidents.