BeSafe accessories make rear-facing travel even safer

BeSafe kick cover
BeSafe kick cover

BeSafe accessories make rear-facing travel even safer

What is your idea of your child’s perfect rear-facing journey? One where they are sitting in a comfortable, safe, appropriate and correctly installed seat? That’s definitely a great start but it’s probably where most parents stop thinking about travel safety.

BeSafe’s mission doesn’t end with the design of the safest car restraints. Our goal is to equip you for the best rear-facing journey so we don’t just care about the safety basics. That’s why we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our whole range of accessories is well designed and safe too. If you’re confident in the choices you make and you can find ways to keep the whole family happy, you’ll have a more pleasant journey overall. And if we can help you do that, then we’re happy too.

We’ve designed a new range of accessories to help you feel more confident in using a rear facing seat for as long as possible. And for your peace of mind, the key products are safety tested in crash tests with the severe impacts. Not only that, they will move with your child when they transition into a front facing seat.

BeSafe bodyhugger

Rear-facing seats are five times safer

BeSafe was the first brand to launch a rear-facing car seat in 1990. We’re serious about the safety benefits of rear-facing travel so we think about it in everything we do.

Independent studies of real traffic accidents show that children up to four years of age have a five times greater chance of surviving and/or avoiding serious injury if sitting rear-facing in the car.* If these statistics aren’t enough to convince parents, the latest iSize regulations now make it mandatory to keep your child rear-facing until at least 15 months. At BeSafe, we hope our products will help you feel confident using a rear-facing seat for up to four years.

*Source: Volvo and Folksam

Read more about why rear-facing is five times safer.

BeSafe Baby Mirror

Our accessories are safe too

Our newest BeSafe accessories help to keep your child rear-facing and ensure they are safe and comfortable at all times. And once they move to a forward-facing seat, many of these accessories can move with them, continuing to offer safety in that position and giving you a longer life from your purchase.

“We’ve worked hard to analyse our existing products and develop a new range of accessories that fully support parents in travelling safely with their rear-facing children,” says Marloes Koenraads, BeSafe accessory designer.

“Following extensive research with consumers and safety testing, we’ve made many smart adjustments to the BeSafe accessories range, paying close attention to design and to children’s needs and comfort.

“We’re not required to crash test our accessories but we have chosen to do this with all key new products, where testing is relevant, and we’re continuing crash testing on our existing range.”

Mirror, mirror in your car – the new Baby Mirror XL with lights

When you’re travelling, your child isn’t isolated in their own little world in the back seat. If they’re awake, they like to be engaged with you and their fellow passengers. The BeSafe mirror enhances the contact between you and your rear-facing child. It also reduces your worry because you can see them with a quick glance in your mirror.

In addition to the standard baby mirror, BeSafe now offers the premium Baby Mirror XL with integrated LED lighting. With a larger surface area, you can see more of your baby when you look in the rear-view mirror. The new rotating and tilting mechanism allows you to adjust the mirror for a better view of your child. A parent can press a small remote from the front seat and the light softly fades in, enabling you to see your baby in the dark without waking them up.

Not having to turn around to check on your baby means safer driving. When you look in the rear-view mirror, you’ll be rewarded with the sight of your baby smiling back at you.

The Baby Mirror XL with light has been crash tested for the highest safety.

A little screen time for the back seat – the new tablet cover

Being on the road for long periods can test the patience of even the most hardened little traveller. As much as your child loves connecting with you, they also need time to retreat into their own little world (just like we do!). This can sometimes mean using a tablet.

It’s important that an insecured tablet doesn’t become a projectile in the event of an accident. BeSafe ensures that our products are fully safety tested. The BeSafe tablet and seat cover is crash tested in a severe test and the cover will keep the tablet secured with it’s magnetic closing, so it won’t accidentally open if there’s an accident.

We’ve also thought of all of the other important features you look for in a product like this. It’s easy to clean, and protects the tablet from dirt and scratches. It can be adjusted in height to fit all kinds of vehicle seats and has thick padding to prevent front brace-marks on the vehicle seat.

The tablet cover will be a long-term accessory for your car – potentially from birth to 12 years as it can be used for both rear and front facing car seats.

Here comes the sun – the new window sunshades

It’s important to shade your baby from the harsh sun while travelling. Sunshades reduces the glare of sunlight or street lights in their eyes and also provide a comforting, darker environment. The new BeSafe sunshade blocks out harmful UV rays with a sun protection of SPF50. It does not require suction cups, simply attaching to the car’s windows with static force. We’ve also made it larger to provide more shade, without obscuring the driver’s view.  The set of two shades comes in a handy storage bag.

More comfort – the new sleeping help cushion

Seeing your child’s head in an uncomfortable position while they’re sleeping in their car seat can make you worry. The new BeSafe sleeping help cushion makes the journey even more comfortable for children.

The crescent-shaped cushion enables children to rest their head sideways onto its soft surface when sleeping in their car seat. It also ensures their head stays within the headrest of the seat. The cushion is easily clipped underneath a seat’s shell, fitting to all BeSafe toddler and child car seats. It can be adjusted in height for a better fit, rotated by the child and flipped over the headrest when not in use. The sleeping help cushion can be machine washed as a whole, for easy cleaning.

We’ve got your seats covered – new child car seat covers

It’s so much easier to clean a seat cover than a whole child car seat! The improved BeSafe child car seat covers are made of high-quality, bamboo jersey and cotton lining. Not only is bamboo an eco-friendly product, it’s beautifully comfortable and soft to the touch. In warmer temperatures, the covers help to absorb sweat and cool the seats for added comfort.

Thanks to installation tabs, fitting the product onto the seats is now even easier. The seat covers are the perfect way to keep dirt off your vehicle’s seats and protect the seat materials. They’re also easy to take off and clean and can be easily used with ISOfix seats. Satin stitching makes it easy to find the position of the easy access magnets while extra fabric is added to cover the buckle. The fabrics all meet the standards and regulations that require them to be free of harmful substances and treatments.

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Safety, comfort and peace of mind

Our core business at BeSafe is the design and development of child restraint systems.  We have a strong heritage in safety and we’re a proven innovator in the market. Through our smart and modern design, we aim to ensure all of our products offer high safety standards, great user friendliness and a premium look and feel. Just like you can take many routes on a journey, there are endless ways we can help you be confident with how you transport your child. If you have any suggestions for other improvements, we’d love to hear from you.