BeSafe Haven™ – Carry with comfort. Always. All ways.

Our new baby carrier

With our new baby carrier, your loving embrace has never been safer.

As a leading authority within the car seat industry, BeSafe possesses decades of expertise on safety, comfort and ergonomics. It is these crucial details we bring along with us when taking a rightfully owned position into the world of baby carriers, introducing the BeSafe Haven™.

For use in three positions

Lovingly engineered for flexibility and comfort for both the wearer and the child, you can use the BeSafe Haven™ in three positions:

1: on the front, parent facing (from birth)

2: on the front, world facing (from around five months)

3: on the back (from around nine months)

BeSafe Haven


Hip-healthy baby carrier

Because of our experience in the safety and ergonomics field, we know that both you and your child will benefit significantly from choosing BeSafe Haven™. As with every product we bring to the market, our engineers set out to take the lead with high-quality products that not only meet but surpass stringent safety requirements.

For the carrier, we also teamed up with ‘Die Trageschule® e. K.“ ‘ for testing and training. ‘Die Trageschule® e. K.’ is a highly respected German institute for babywearing. Our baby carrier is acknowledged by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a “hip-healthy” product.

BeSafe Haven


Revolutionizing the way parents carry

BeSafe Haven™ has several amazing features:

  • Airgonomics™ is a unique air pillow in the waist belt of BeSafe Haven. Inflated in seconds, it gives your child extra comfort while outward facing.
  • The Flex-Shape Buckle™ automatically rotates into the position that best fits to the wearer’s shape and size.
  • Easy-access pockets.
  • Removable comfort pads that protect your skin and reduce pressure from the straps.
  • The Flex-Shape Buckle™ tightens by pulling the straps forward instead of to the back.
  • Moisture-absorbing Lyocell on the inside.

“The material is very comfortable on the skin and in the Zagreb summer heat, Lyocell is a complete hit! I was less hot in Haven than in a net carrier. The carrier is very comfortable and soft. Haven is a good choice to wear front during the first year of a baby’s life”.

Iris Bozic
Certified Trageschule Babywearing consultant from Zagreb, Croatia