Part 2: A Blank Page

Two families on the road in Norway, loads of planning ahead for mini-adventures by car. Just follow along!

Part 2: A Blank Page

(and how to ruin it. In a good way.)

Planning a trip can actually be just as fun as the trip itself (well, almost). I for one love that part, the start, a blank page, when nothing really is decided and you have the whole adventure in front of you! I guess I could do without the packing bit, but somebody has to do it, right? 

So we know there is a road trip in Norway coming up and we have agreed on the destination and the route (the kids are ecstatic as it happens to include both cars and ferries). We just need to plan all the little adventures on the way and that we do together as a family.

A great tip is to really let the kids go crazy with ideas on what the trip should include. We had everything from fishing, climbing mountains, staying up late (like really, really late) and/or catching monkeys. Even though you might not do everything on that list, the kids get really excited and feel they are part of an adventure. This is pretty much is all you want, right!?

Ready to leave!

All the bags are in the car, tightly packed in the trunk, the car seats are in and are screaming the kid’s names (oh, remember to double check that everything is correctly in place). We are ready to leave!

But everybody knows the kids need to work off some energy before the trip can start, that’s one of the perks of travelling with another family with kids!

Also, make sure you cuddle enough with the smallest member of the family to get them settled in before you leave!

…and we are finally off on our road trip!

The BeSafe checklist:

  • Check that your car seat is correctly installed according to its user manual and that all indicators show green! If your child is not sleeping, keep your child car seat as upright as possible, yet as reclined as necessary based on your car conditions.
  • Before starting your journey, check that the car seat is correctly adjusted to your child. If you’re using the BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size booster seat, remember the shoulder belt and lap belt guiders for optimal belt positioning. The headrest should be at the right height for the child and the PAD+ should be in the right position.
  • It is extremely important that the the internal harness is securely tightened and placed near the child’s body. To check if the harness is tight enough, try to make a fold in the shoulder belts. If this is still possible, the harness is not tightened enough yet.

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