iZi Twist B-E i-Size

Visionary rotation from birth with electronic feedback from the E-Fit Guider™.
The electronic feedback system on iZi Twist B-E i-Size offers a step-by-step guidance through the installation process and gives instant confirmation if a step has been done correctly.

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When to change car seats for children

Different regulations focussing on weight, height and age and can make it quite confusing. We have therefore collected an overview of when to change car seats for your child.

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Travel home from the hospital with your baby

Are you going to be parents for the first time? In this article, we have collected our best tips for preparing for the first trip you will take with your baby.

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Why Besafe?

Our car seats will take your children safely from A to B. And to all the discoveries along the way. Because with our child car seat products on board, safety is travelling with you - near and far.