The 3D airflow-fabric for even more comfortable journeys together

3D Mesh

Up to 8x more airflow with BeSafe’s 3D Mesh fabric* – now also available in the colour tone ‘Anthracite’.


Safety is in the BeSafe DNA, and so is comfort. No child should be anything but comfortable in a car seat, no matter if it’s a short or long journey.

On warm days we can all feel a bit uncomfortable, also on long car journeys or when being active with your child outdoors. So from now on, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you as a parent will be a bit jealous of the comfort, the BeSafe 3D-Mesh fabric offers your child in selected car seats and in our Haven™ baby carrier.

The BeSafe Mesh fabric has an open structure and a spacer layer with a 3D structure. That way, heat and moisture are guided away from the child, while air can flow in-between the layers.

With this system, the BeSafe 3D Mesh fabric offers up to 8x higher air permeability on the selected car seats* and up to 4x higher on our baby carrier BeSafe Haven™**.

On BeSafe Haven, we have in addition switched the soft fabric on the inside for a composition of cotton, Lyocell and linen. The added linen makes the fabric extra lightweight and airy and creates an up to 2.5x more air-permeable fabric***.

With the BeSafe 3D Mesh, adventures have never been more comfortable.

This fabric is available in two colour tones with a premium finish: ‘Peak’, a mid-grey tone that reduces heat absorption, and the darker ‘Anthracite’, which perfectly matches darker car interiors.

Peak Mesh is available on:

Baby Carrier (Peak Mesh only)

BeSafe Haven™

Car seats from birth

iZi Twist B i-Size
iZi Turn B i-Size
Stretch B 

Toddler car seats from approx. 6 months on

iZi Modular A X1 i-Size
iZi Twist i-Size
iZi Turn i-Size
BeSafe Stretch 

Booster seats from approx. 4 years on

iZi Flex FIX i-Size

*The 3D spacer fabric used on BeSafe car seats is up to 8x higher in air permeability than conventional PU foam-laminated fabric
**The 3D spacer fabric used on the BeSafe baby carrier is up to 4x higher in air permeability than conventional PU foam-laminated fabric
***The Lyocell-linen-cotton-spandex fabric used on the BeSafe baby carrier is up to 2.5x higher in air permeability than Lyocell-twill-cotton fabric