About BeSafe

Safety and comfort are in our DNA. It is in the fabric of every stitch we make and in the eyes of every employee. Our history proves it, and our future builds on it.


The family-owned Norwegian company BeSafe started producing quality car seat for children in 1963. Before this, the company had been producing horse saddles since 1919 and car interior since 1959. From the humble beginnings over 100 years ago, we have always been at the forefront of development, changing with the times. That’s why we, among other things, adapt to our customers different, modern lifestyles, both selling and renting out our car seats.

Today, BeSafe is still owned by the family that started the company in 1919, the Torgersen family. We might not be the biggest car seat producer in the world, with our main office located in the Norwegian countryside, but we take pride in being the best safety and comfort choice when buying a car seat for your child.

BeSafe is especially known for being a rear facing-pioneer. In 1989, we produced our first rear facing car seat, and at the same time told the world that children should face backwards in the car as long as possible. We were heavily criticized, even ridiculed by some, but today it’s a known fact that rear facing travel is five times safer than forward facing. BeSafe is proud to have taken such a critical stance early on, and we will keep working for spreading the word in the years to come.

Society, rules and regulations have changed a lot since 1963, but still, our goal remains the same: Give your children the safest and most comfortable products on the market, providing peace of mind to parents when on the road.

Safety and comfort are in our DNA. It is in the fabric of every stitch we make and in the eyes of every employee. Our history proves it, and our future builds on it.

Proud moments from our history:

  • 1960: We start to develop our first car seat
  • 1988: Launching of the first car seat for older children Safeguard
  • 1988: BeSafe is the first brand to develop a pregnancy belt to protect the unborn baby while driving a car
  • 1989: Our first rear-facing car seat, Trio Trygg, is launched. Many were against rear-facing at that time, but we were convinced that this was the safest way to protect children in a car and we never gave up on our philosophy.
  • 1998: We decide to stop producing booster cushions, as we are convinced that high-back booster seats offer better safety for older children
  • 2006: To support a better sleeping position, we launched the first baby seat with recline functionality: the iZi Sleep.
  • 2008: To avoid the risk of misuse, BeSafe is one of the first brands to stop having belt horns (“armrests”) on booster seats.
  • 2009: iZi Kid is the first car seat ever to get the Plus Test approval
  • 2010: Stokke, a premium stroller brand, chooses BeSafe as a partner for its baby car seat followed by more premium stroller brands in the years after.
  • 2014: iZi Kid i-Size, one of the first i-Size seats in the world, was launched.
  • 2015: One of the first Modular car seat concepts with two seats on one base hits the market. It also received a Red Dot Design Award this year.
  • 2016: iZi Kid X2 i-Size achieves the best safety score ever (1.1) in its category at the ADAC test. A legacy continued by its successor iZi Kid X3 i-Size in 2019.
  • 2017: iZi Flex FIX is the first high back booster seat on the market approved under UN R129 standard on the market. The seat received the Innovation Award at Kind & Jugend the same year.
  • 2019: Several of our car seats are recommended by AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken) for offering the best ergonomics and spine support for babies.
  • 2019: We launch our rotation seats iZi Twist and iZi Turn. The first toddler seats to enable counter-balancing steep vehicle seats for higher comfort for the child.
  • 2020: We have never been afraid of taking bold steps – that’s why we entered the babywearing category with our BeSafe Haven. It received the Red Dot Design Award and is approved by IHDI as hip-healthy.