Part 4: Backseat campers

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Two families on the road in Norway, lots of planning ahead for mini-adventures with the car. Just follow along!

Follow along: How to road trip with kids the right way

Part 4: Backseat campers

(And how not to be a complete bore on the road)

Entertaining kids in a car for a longer period of time can be a challenge, believe me, we know. But with lots of stops along the way and a few smart tricks, it can actually be quite fun!

When you are planning a road trip, you know that there will be hours and hours spent in the car only. You need to plan smart and have a few fun games up your sleeve. We also bought audio books and played a lot of (very loud) music, the kids loved that! If your kids really want to watch something on their tablet, they can. Just make sure you have one of those great crash-tested tablet and seat covers, so the kids are protected in case of an accident!We stopped several times just so the kids could stretch their legs and play for a bit, or just take a nap.

Also, doing quite a bit of research before the trip can be great for storytelling later on in the car.

The views we had only from looking out of our car window were pretty amazing and telling stories from where we had been and where we were headed was actually appreciated.

The BeSafe checklist:

  • Remember that when children are rear facing then there is a delay between what you describe and what your children see out of the window side and rear windows
  • Tablets should only be used in crash-tested tablet covers in case of an accident.
  • Children should only have soft toys in the back seat when the car is moving so that they don’t hurt them in case of an accident.

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