BeSafe Stretch: The safest seat till 7 years at independent ADAC test

BeSafe Stretch is the safest toddler seat in ADAC’s autumn test 2022 and has a total score of 2.9!

It is especially the safety aspect in the ADAC test that again stands out as “Very Good” with a score of 1.2. This result makes BeSafe Stretch both the safest seat ever till 7 years and the safest belt-installed toddler seat ever in the ADAC/Stiftung Warentest child seat test!

With this, BeSafe Stretch has shown an excellent result in several tests, only shortly after its launch in May 2022. The seat has already been a test winner in both Norway and Sweden by “” and has also passed the Swedish Plus Test, which is known as the world’s toughest crash test.

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Going beyond just test scores

We’re happy to see BeSafe Stretch perform so well in this test, but its safety goes beyond that – in real life. For example, accidents can appear at various speed levels, often have multiple impact points, and can be at very differing impact angles. Rear facing seats like BeSafe Stretch protect your child even better in real life than what you see in test results.

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Various opinions on the handling evaluation; we register the difference between test and real life

We are sorry to see that Stiftung Warentest/ADAC evaluated BeSafe Stretch’s handling negatively, which lead to an additional downgrade of the total score as well. This is as expected, because belt-installed seats with lower tethers always get similar bad ratings in this test.

This is a subjective rating from a few testers though, and the feedback we have received from the markets and many parents since the launch of Stretch is that this seat is very straightforward to install and much easier than other belt-installed seats.

When the Scandinavian organisation “best-i-test” evaluated BeSafe Stretch, they in fact came to another conclusion: “It is simply not possible to miss something in any of the important steps”. *

To further help parents with the installation though, we have introduced a new digital user guide on BeSafe Stretch, which can easily be accessed by a QR code that is permanently attached to the seat. This guide gives you the choice to watch the instruction video, access the user manual again, or also find your customer support contact should you still have questions.

Do you want to learn more about this test by ADAC/Stiftung Warentest? Read here! (In German)


What makes BeSafe Stretch a favourite among parents:

  • Rear-facing forever and ever! With unbeatable leg space of up to 26cm and no risk of outgrowing the maximum 36kg weight limit this seat will keep your child rear-facing for longer. This seat is suitable from 9 months (61cm) to 7 years (125cm). *
  • Maximum safety: BeSafe Stretch has a new and innovative exo frame, the construction connects with the car belts and floor to bear the forces in the case of a frontal crash. The rigid seat shell spine transfers the child’s energy onto the exo frame, keeping the child in a stable position in an impact. Allowing children to travel 5 x safer for longer.
  • Flexible and easy installation: The seat is belt mounted (no isofix) making it possible to install in any car and any seat, giving you maximum flexibility. Retracting lower tethers and an easy lock-off and tensioning mechanism make for intuitive and sturdy installation. The Stretch is one of the easiest seats to install on the market. *
  • Individualized comfort: With 5 recline positions, a 10-step adjustable headrest and lots of space for growing legs this seat provides exceptional comfort. Magnetic belt assistants™ make getting in and out of the seat a breeze. With Two-Fit cushions™ for an individual adjustment to the child really makes this the seat that truly grows with your child.
  • The seat that cares for the future: By using long lasting materials and making the exchange of parts a lot easier, BeSafe have extended the life of the seat to approx. 15 years. The seat that not only cares for your child now, but also cares about their future.

* Please note that the stated age range is just a guideline based on average values and does not limit or guarantee the usage time.

*Always check that your car’s manual allows using a rear facing child seat on the intended position.

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