Top score in chemical tests

Published: 3 June 2016

Top score in chemical tests

BeSafe car seats achieve top score in chemical tests in ADAC / Stiftung Warentest Spring 2016 edition.

At BeSafe we are dedicated to developing the safest car seats possible. We work diligently to eliminate harmful chemical substances in our products to ensure the highest levels of safety for children. We are therefore delighted to see that BeSafe has received top score in the chemical tests by Stiftung Warentest.

In the Stiftung Warentest chemical tests BeSafe iZi Go Modular, BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size and BeSafe iZi Kid X2 i-Size were tested. All seats received top score regarding the testing of hazardous substances.

At BeSafe, our driving force is the will to protect what is most precious to us: our children. It is therefore very important for us to protect children from hazardous substances and we are delighted with these test results”, says Per Robertson, Managing Director of BeSafe.

BeSafe works continuously to ensure that hazardous substances are not used in our products. We have a strict quality control system throughout the value chain including frequent control of materials provided by our certified suppliers.

The knowledge and science around potentially hazardous substances is complex and continuously developing. Hence, we monitor these developments carefully and strive to ensure that our products are free from any substances that potentially could be harmful”, says Robertson.

Materials / fabrics in children’s car seats are a complex issue. On the one hand they must contribute to protect and comfort the child in the best possible way, whilst at the same time they must be free of hazardous chemicals. We are pleased to see that our dedication to developing the safest car seats possible has not only delivered high scores for safety in this year’s ADAC / Stiftung Warentest, but also top scores in the testing of hazardous substances.

26 car seats tested for chemicals

The chemical test by Stiftung Warentest is related to and based on several strict international requirements. Fabric covers and seat belts are tested for various hazardous substances including but not limited to: “PAH” (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) “plasticizers” and “formaldehyde”.  26 car seats were tested in the May 2016 test. Of these, 3 products were from BeSafe. All BeSafe seats received the best possible score in the testing of hazardous substances.
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