EXPLAINED: The BeSafe E-Fit Guider™

Instant peace of mind with an electronic step-by-step installation checklist.

Why the correct installation is crucial for protecting your child in an accident.

Without installing a child car seat correctly, the seat cannot protect your child as it is designed to. For example, if the ISOfix is not connected properly or the support leg is not in proper contact with the vehicle floor, the forces of an impact are not deflected as they should but are putting stress on the wrong parts in the seat, your car, or potentially even onto your child.

Especially as first-time parents, installing a child car seat can seem daunting though – the installation steps have to be done in the right order and there is often no expert present who could check the installation and confirm if everything is done correctly.

The E-Fit Guider™: an electronic step-by-step checklist and instant feedback

The BeSafe E-Fit Guider™ is an electronic unit integrated in the child seat making the installation process easy for any parent. It not only gives instant feedback when a step has been done correctly, but also walks you through each installation step one after the other. This way, you can focus on each step without being overwhelmed and feel safe throughout the whole installation process, as the risk for mistakes is reduced.

How the E-Fit Guider™ works

When folding down the support leg to begin the installation, the E-Fit Guider™ starts – and gives you an audio signal that it is now activated. From there on, it shows the next installation step with a red icon which turns green and gives a signal when it’s done correctly. Only after one step is completed, the next step lights up, which makes it easy to follow along.

Which seats feature the E-Fit Guider™?

Look for the “E” in the product name – this stands for “E-Fit Guider™”!

iZi Turn E-M i-Size


Rear and forward facing toddler seat with 360° rotation and smart features from approx. 6 months to 4 years

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