GOLD and SILVER for BeSafe products

GOLD and SILVER for BeSafe products in Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards by Mumii

The most extensive parenting awards programme in the UK, the Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards can now reveal its 2017 results. Tested by parents, for parents. We are very proud and happy that the BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size together with its iZi Modular i-Size base was awarded GOLD in the category ‘i-Size Extended Rear Facing Car Seat’ and also won the Consumer Choice Award in the same category. Additionally, we’re delighted to announce that the Pregnant iZi FIX pregnancy belt achieved SILVER in the category ‘Pregnancy wellbeing’.

At the Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards, all items have been rigorously tested to confirm the best nursery products as chosen by those that matter – real parents! Each year, families from across the country spend months testing and assessing each and every item entered. Alongside the team at Mumii who also review and score each item, the gold, silver and bronze winners are decided. Brands can also secure the Consumer Choice Award through a voting system, a chance for loyal fan bases to get behind them.

iZi Modular i-Size & iZi Modular i-Size base awarded GOLD & Consumer Choice Award

We’re extremely happy that the iZi Modular i-Size and its ISOfix base were awarded GOLD in the category ‘i-Size Extended Rear Facing Car Seat’ and also won the Consumer Choice Award in the same category! Having been producing and promoting extended rear facing child car seats for over 25 years already, we at BeSafe are especially glad that the iZi Modular i-Size scored so well in this important category.

We’d like to greatly thank everyone involved in the thorough testing as well as all parents voting for us for their support and appreciation of our iZi Modular i-Size. We see this great result as proof of developing our products in the right direction – focusing on safety and consumer-friendliness, focusing on real-life situations and experiences, focusing on you as a parent. We will continue to develop our products even further and provide you with the safest child car seats that make your everyday life as easy as possible.
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Pregnant iZi FIX awarded SILVER in category ‘Pregnancy Wellbeing’

A baby’s safety needs already begin before birth. To protect the unborn child in the best way possible and to increase the expecting mother’s comfort and safety during pregnancy, BeSafe has developed its pregnancy belt Pregnant iZi FIX. It helps to keep the vehicle belt in the right position and thereby prevents injury to your unborn child in the event of an accident or even when braking heavily. Additionally, it provides great comfort for the expecting mother, as it holds the vehicle belt in a comfortable position so that you do not have to permanently push it down during the car journey.

Based on its unique functions and help during everyday life, the Pregnant iZi FIX has been awarded SILVER in the category ‘Pregnancy Wellbeing’, which we are very excited about! To us, this reflects the great importance of being comfortable and feeling safe during car journeys, an important part of everyday life for modern parents. Again we’d like to thank the parents and jury involved in the Awards for exploring and testing the Pregnant iZi FIX and giving it such a great result.
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