High-back booster seats vs. Booster cushions

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Making the safest choice for older children

For the last step in a child’s car seat journey, there are two types of booster seats: a booster cushion or a high-back booster seat.

A booster cushion only has a sitting part beneath the child. A high-back booster seat also has a back part with an integrated headrest. On some high-back booster seats, the backrest can be removed

Both seat types do not have an internal harness. It is the vehicle belt that secures the child.

3 reasons why you should choose a high-back booster seat

1. Side protection

A high-back booster seat always adds protection for your child’s torso and head against side impacts. If your child sat on a booster cushion, there is no protective layer between your child and the car door in a side impact. Even if your car has side curtain airbags, your child might not be at the right height yet for the airbags to have an effect. The high-back booster seat gives your child side protection from the youngest to the oldest.

2. Shoulder belt positioning

Having the car’s shoulder belt at the right height is crucial in case of an accident. By choosing a high-back booster seat with shoulderbelt guiders, you can be sure that the belt is always in the right position for your child, even as your child is growing.

TIP! Choose a high-back booster seat that also offers a lapbelt guider. This way, the lapbelt always stays in the optimal position over your child’s pelvis.

3. Support while sleeping

When your child gets sleepy in the car, a high-back booster seat makes it easy for them to lean sideways against the headrest and side wings for support. This way, they are less likely to slouch over, as it is often the case when sitting on a booster cushion. When being slouched over, the car belt often does not sit correctly across the child’s torso anymore, which can be dangerous in an accident.

TIP! Choose a high-back booster seat that also offers a recline position where the sitting area also reclines. This way, your child can nap even more comfortable without risk of sliding down into the belts.

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