iZi Turn E-M i-Size

Meet our smart seat that will take your child’s safety to the next level

Why choose this smart seat?

With kids as part of your life, we all know it can get a bit chaotic. There’s no such thing as always being on top of things. Having talked to hundreds of parents we’ve learned that there are a few things that most of us worry about when securing our children in a child car seat.

  1. Did I install the seat correctly?
  2. She unbuckles herself while we drive without me getting any alert!
  3. What if I’m too tired and forget him in the car on a hot summer day?

Well… What if we told you that we have a solution to these worries? Cause we have, and it’s called iZi Turn E-M i-Size. As an addition to our popular rotation seats, we have added some features that truly take child car safety to the next level.

The digital safety system