Part 3: Packing smart for a road trip

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Two families on the road in Norway, lots of planning ahead for mini-adventures with the car. Just follow along!

Follow along: How to road trip with kids the right way

Part 3: Packing smart for a road trip

(And what not to wear in the car)

Did you remember to pack a blanket for the car, oh and don’t forget the extra rain jackets for the kids, just in case? And the sun hat…and the kids should have some soft toys to cuddle in the car, don’t forget those… Yup, the list is always too long. We wanted to share a few tips and tricks on what to pack and what to leave behind for a road trip. 

When it comes to clothes and what to pack, we always think in layers and for this particular trip we knew that the weather was going to be unpredictable – so we packed everything from swimsuits to wool sweaters. For inside the car it’s great to have a few blankets or scarves for the kids (actually for us grown-ups, too). We had a long drive so the kids actually slept for a few hours, which was great and so the blankets came in handy.

It’s also better safety-wise for children not to have too thick and puffy clothes on when they are in their car seat. So leave the thicker jackets in the trunk.

Our families’ go-to outfit on any trip has to be a tee with a sweatshirt on top, followed by loose pants. We always keep shorts or a skirt in a separate bag with us, just in case. This road trip of ours included both cars and ferry rides, so a lot of in-and-out of the car, checking out the scenery…

In other words, warm one second, chilly the next.

For the smallest members of the family, it’s a Scandinavian tradition to layer with wool – it’s warm yet breathable and oh so soft (and keeps them warm without being puffy, so perfect also for their safety!). A hat and a cardigan are perfect to start out with, just take them off when you feel the need.

The BeSafe checklist:

  • When choosing a child car seat, check that the car seat has ventilation holes in the back for optimal ventilation.
  • If you’re going on longer car journeys, choose a child car seat that has great padding that provides comfort for long journeys.
  • Check regularly to ensure that the child is not too warm.

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