Pregnant iZi FIX

illustrasjon_gravid_small-1Installation with strap and 3-point car belt

Pregnant iZi FIX can be used in the front seat, installed with the strap. The click buckle makes it easy to move Pregnant iZi FIX from one seat to another.installation-pregnant-izi-fix-3-point-car-belt_width-11

Installation with ISOfix and 3-point car belt

Click onto the ISOfix anchorage points in the car and the Pregnant belt is ready for use.


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New Design – More Comfort

BeSafe pregnancy belts protect the unborn child from the second month of pregnancy onwards and increase the mother’s comfort when going by car. Pregnant iZi FIX is designed to further improve comfort and make everyday usage easy.

Increased safety for the unborn child

Pregnant iZi FIX positions the vehicle belt below the pregnant woman’s tummy and away from the unborn baby. In the event of a collision, an adult weights 3 to 5 tons. The baby is positioned in the front of the tummy and is thus exposed to high loads. To protect the baby from injury from the vehicle belt, Pregnant iZi FIX therefore positions the lap belt beneath the pregnancy baby and over the hip bones.

The BeSafe Pregnant does not interfere with the safety performance of the 3-point vehicle belt, but helps positioning the lap belt correctly to protect the unborn child. Pregnant iZi FIX is crash-tested for your safety.

Increased comfort and usability

Besides protecting the unborn child, Pregnant iZi FIX also increases comfort for the expectant mother by reducing uncomfortable pressure on the tummy and bladder during the journey. The improved fastener that holds the vehicle belt low is designed to ‘lean’ forward and thereby easy everyday usage.

Can be used on almost all vehicle seats

Pregnant iZi FIX can easily be installed on almost all seats of modern vehicles. It can be installed either by using the fitting strap or by clicking onto the vehicle’s ISOfix anchorages.