Rotation for the new generation


The modern generation of families experiences an ever-changing and quickly developing family life. Pregnancy and family apps, electric cars, new technologies – it is all becoming part of their everyday lives and innovation is inherent to them.

Today family life is all about exploring things together and appreciating the small moments. Quality of life is becoming more and more important. When travelling, child car seats play an important role. Not just in keeping their child safe, but also in making their daily journeys as easy and comfortable as possible. Rotating car seats have established themselves as scoring high in convenience – they can rotate towards the door and make buckling up and getting in and out of the seat easy.

But for us at BeSafe, that was not enough. We wanted to take rotating child car seats to the next level, we wanted to create a rotation experience for the new generation.

Innovative design and advanced technologies

The iZi Twist product line with two product models is challenging the status quo and is taking rotation seats into the future. Their innovative design features the Universal Level Technology™ – a construction that allows parents to always give their child an ideal sitting angle, no matter what their family car. Why steep vehicle seats are a problem and how the Universal Level Technology solves it >>

With the Dynamic Force Absorber™ in the headrest, they feature a state-of-the-art solution for side impact protection. It is constructed like a trampoline and its advanced design optimally absorbs forces and protects the head area. How the Dynamic Force Absorber™ works and why side impact protection is so important >>

Discover the BeSafe rotation seats

The Visionary One: The iZi Twist product line. By being rear facing only, this product line allows children to always travel 5x safer rear facing and fully embodies our BeSafe vision of rear facing travel. It features a smooth side-to-side rotation to easily place the child into the seat and buckle up.

The Flexible One: the iZi Turn product line. By featuring a rear facing and forward facing, this product line enables a full 360° rotation while still allowing children to travel rear facing throughout the whole usage time.


iZi Twist B i-Size

Baby seat and toddler seat in one, for visionary rotation from birth up to approx. 4 years

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iZi Twist i-Size

Toddler seat for visionary rotation from approx. 6 months to 4 years

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iZi Turn i-Size

Toddler seat for flexible rotation from approx. 6 months to 4 years

iZi Turn i Size Metallic Melange

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