Part 5: Small adventures and big breaks

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Two families on the road in Norway, lots of planning ahead for mini-adventures with the car. Just follow along!

Follow along: How to road trip with kids the right way

Part 5: Small adventures and big breaks

(And how to stretch your legs the right way)

The saying “life is about the journey, not the destination” is pretty spot on, at least it applies perfectly to our road trip. We had a few plans on where to stop and what to do along the way, but there is always the “I have to pee” and “are we there yet?” when you’re on the road. It forces you to take breaks which actually can turn out to be pretty great (and not only for the kids)!

If you – like our family – have kids that will turn over every rock they see in search of bugs or want to climb every mountain, you are in luck. All the breaks you take will turn into a small adventure, no need to plan everything out. The best times are made up along the way, right!?

Taking breaks

Our road trip also included several ferry rides, which was a great break for everybody. It was something else to do and see and we all got some fresh air! Also, If you are travelling by car with a baby you should actually take breaks approx. every 2 hours and even more frequent when travelling with a new-born or premature baby – just to make sure your little one get as much movement and fresh air as possible.

Curious George on the ferry with Dad. This is your chance to tell your kids about that scary sea monster that lives deep down in the fjord…

Stopping for a snack and lunch is necessary! We had sandwiches and fruits with us and got waffles and ice cream in a cosy café. That will give you enough energy for a few more hours on the road!

A stop at the beach was a big hit! We had brought a few small things with us like the kids’ fishing gear and small wooden boats to play with. So we kept busy catching crabs and racing those tiny boats, and Dad even went for a swim…

Take advantage of the fact that you are travelling with another family with kids. Let them loose as soon as you have found a safe parking spot so they can run free and pretty much do what they want. When you are ready to hit the road again they might even sleep a few hours in the car.

The BeSafe checklist:

  • If you are traveling with a baby, keep in mind that you should take frequent breaks (approx. every 2 hours and even more frequent when new-born or premature).
  • Use this to your advantage and plan something that will give you both a small adventure and fresh air.

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