Test the new BeSafe seat before everyone else

Vær den første til at teste vores nye autostol - BeSafe

Test the new BeSafe seat before everyone else

At BeSafe we don’t just rely on studies and tests to help us develop our products. Your experiences as parents and families are just as crucial in making sure we produce the safest and most comfortable products that are easy to use in everyday life. We therefore invite you to be one of the select test families for BeSafe’s new child car seat!

This is your chance to try out the new BeSafe product for children from approx. 4 years old even before it is available on the market. We’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this product and how well it works in your everyday family life.

As a test family, you will receive the new BeSafe product before anyone else and even get a personal visit from the BeSafe team to introduce and explain the seat to you. Afterwards we’d like you to fill in a short questionnaire about your experiences and would be grateful if you’d even share some pictures or videos of your little ones in the seat.

You can apply for becoming a test family if:
– you have a child that is between 100-150cm tall and at least 4 years old
– you (as a parent) are more than 18 years old
– your family lives in the UK or Ireland

We will select the 2 families on February 12th 2018, the last day to apply is February 11th 2018. Good luck!

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