EXPLAINED: The BeSafe Active Retract Harness™

An actively tightening harness with retractors to help parents with buckling up.

Loose belts are dangerous – and more common than you might think!

Research shows that 49,3% of children in toddler seats are not having tight belts, and in 63% of these cases the misuse is classified as serious*. Having loose belts poses a serious threat for the child, as the belts could not secure the child as intended in an accident or harsh braking.

Parents are often simply not aware of how tight a harness has to be to keep a child safely in the seat and especially when many are involved in the daily car journeys, the risk for loose belts increases.

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*Source: Unfallforschung der Versicherer / German Insurers Association. “Use of child restraint systems – Compact accident research”, 2018

The only harness that helps you with buckling up

BeSafe is the first brand to bring a completely new way of buckling up to the market: The Active Retract Harness™. This never-seen-before harness features an advanced retractor construction inside the seat, which continuously pulls in the belts. That way, parents simply push up the belts inside the shoulder pads for a tight fit, and done.

The Active Retract Harness™ is developed and produced by our trusted partner Holmbergs®, a Swedish manufacturer of safety systems. The two Scandinavian companies BeSafe® and Holmbergs® share their focus on premium quality, innovativeness and superior safety and are together taking a giant leap in child safety by introducing the Active Retract Harness™ in the BeSafe iZi Modular A X1 i-Size & BeSafe iZi Modular A RF X1 i-Size.

How it works: Down, collect. Up, connect. Check.

Buckling up the child has never been easier by following these steps:

Down – Place the crotch bar down into the “open position” – in this position it is possible to pull out the shoulder belts. Pull the belts out and hang them into the magnets on the side of the seat. Place your child into the seat.

Collect – Bring your child’s arms through the belts and pull out the shoulder belts as far as possible. Then collect the two buckle “noses” together.

Up – Bring the crotch bar up into the “closed position” – in this position you cannot pull out the belts anymore, they only retract continuously.

Connect – Click the “noses” into the buckle on the crotch bar. Then let the harness tighten.

Connect – Click the “noses” into the buckle on the crotch bar. Then let the harness tighten.

Check – Always help the harness to be as tight as possible. Pull the shoulder belts upwards above the buckle to tighten the hip belts. Then grab the shoulder belts inside the shoulder pads and push them upwards to tighten them as much as you can. Do the ‘pinch test’ to see if the harness is tight enough.

Which seats feature the Active Retract Harness™?

Look for the “A” in the product name – this stands for “Active Retract Harness™”!

iZi Modular A X1 i-Size

  • Rear or forward facing toddler seat
  • Rear facing from 61 to 105 cm, forward facing from 88 to 105 cm (max. 18 kg)

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