BeSafe advice against homemade covers for child car seats

BeSafe strongly advise against homemade covers for BeSafe car seats

Here at BeSafe we are delighted at the Global trend to re-use things and mend & create things such as making your own baby clothes, reusing old furniture etc.

We have also noticed that it is becoming a trend to make new seat covers for your child’s car seat. In this specific regard, we would like to issue a warning to do with safety. The following points are the reasons why BeSafe strongly advise against homemade covers for BeSafe car seats:

  • The original seat cover is part of the ECE r 44 approval of the car seat.
  • The ECE r 44 approval sets requirements for fire resistance of the textiles used in the car seat, and this is physically tested both at internal and external laboratories. A homemade cover will  probably not meet these requirements!
  • Requirements for ECE r 44 approval demand certain maximum content levels of chemicals and toxins in the fabric. The ICRT, International Consumer Organization, also sets strict demands regarding chemicals content. As the manufacturer of BeSafe car seats, we invest a considerable amount testing fabrics and padding materials used in our seats. We also set very strict standards for our suppliers.
  • Furthermore, the harness padding on our seats is made with a specific friction material to reduce forward roll in a collision.
  • Our car seats are also made with a Smart Access System and magnets are placed inside the shoulder paddings to keep the harness out of the way as you place your child in the seat.

Based on these points, BeSafe strongly advise against making your own seat covers. Our liability insurance will not be valid in cases where the consumer has used non-original parts.