ISOfix and baby car seat

Important information about baby car seats and ISOfix

ISOfix makes it easy to attach the car seat / base correctly – every time. However, although ISOfix is an international standard, the rear seat structure varies from car to car, year of construction, equipment grade and market. The car’s construction can also have a negative impact on the use of baby seats with ISOfix.

In some cars, the ISOfix anchors can be located far down. Cars can also have seat cushions with a high degree of tilt and a great thigh support. This might be nice and comfortable for adults, but not always for young children. When the angle of the car’s rear seat exceeds 10 degrees, and the ISOfix brackets are mounted in the seat and not in the seat back, the baby car seat can get a relatively upright position.

From a collision safety perspective, it is positive with an upright sitting position when sitting rear facing. The more upright, the safer.

Why choose belt installation?

However, if the baby car seat is too upright, the child’s head may fall forward and down to the chest and this may in the worst case cause some children breathing difficulties – and, at worst, reduced supply of oxygen. This is documented in medical research from the United States, especially for premature and newborn children, naturally with individual differences from child to child.

In such cases, mounting the child car seat with the car’s seat belt instead of an ISOfix base will provide a better sitting/sleeping angle. Collision tests, including ADAC, show that belt installation is as safe as installation with ISOfix, provided that the belt installation is correct.

The above is one of the reasons we recommend that you do not change from the baby car seat to a toddler car seat before the child is able to support it’s own head. To get approval within the regulations, a toddler car seat is designed to provide a more upright sitting position.

Always test the car seat in your car

That’s why it’s important to always try the car seat in your car at your childcare retailer before buying a car seat. And preferably let your child test sit the the car seat, to ensure the best possible solution.

We recommend always keeping an eye on your child in all situations. A baby mirror is a useful accessory for keeping an eye on the child in a safe manner when driving.

Take a break

We at BeSafe advise you to make sure that you are not keeping your child in a baby car seat for too long – no matter if it is inside the car or in a travel system. A baby’s back is not made for sitting curved for too long and we recommend to take your baby out of the car seat every 1 ½ to 2 hours and even more frequent for newborns. Stop the car, take a break, and let the child stretch out on a regular basis. This will also give you less stressful driving.