iZi Modular RF X1 i-Size achieves fantastic 1.2 (“Very Good”) safety score and improves already great safety test results at independent test

Independent consumer test appraises with total score “Good” and the top safety score in 2022 spring test

Safety is and will always be the most important factor when deciding on what kind of car seat to get. While much more than just a laboratory crash test performance accounts for a seat’s safety, independent tests can help you get an idea of the safety levels of car seats on the market. Most important are the Swedish Plus Test – known as the toughest crash test out there – and the consumer test executed by ADAC/Stiftung Warentest. In this test, the safety of a seat makes up for 50% of the total score, followed by the categories “handling” (40%) and “ergonomics” (10%).

In the Spring 2022 publication of the independent child car seat test iZi Modular RF X1 i-Size was tested alongside other child car seats. And the results are something to be proud of: a safety score of 1.2 (“Very Good”) and a total rating of “Good” (1.7) by ADAC.

With this great performance, iZi Modular RF X1 i-Size becomes the safest of all rear facing seats for any age in this year’s test and is also in the top with its total score. This also makes it receive the rating “Best Buy” by British organisation ‘Which?’.

iZi Modular RF X1 i-Size is a purely rear facing seat (hence the ‘RF’ in the name) and with the X1 an updated version of its predecessor iZi Modular RF. Launched in early 2020, this seat features new shoulder pads – the Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads™ -, a new sliding construction to attach the additional side impact protection (SIP+), as well as BeSafe’s innovative headrest construction: the Dynamic Force Absorber™.

While its predecessor was tested by ADAC in 2019 and achieved the safety score 1.6 (“Good”), the in 2022 newly tested updated seat iZi Modular RF X1 i-Size managed to improve the already strong safety performance and was rated with 1.2 (“Very Good”).

iZi Kid X3 i-Size still unbeaten with best safety score of all times

BeSafe’s rear facing toddler seat iZi Kid X3 i-Size (tested in 2019) still remains unbeaten, being the safest seat ever tested with a safety score of 1.1 – proving that rear facing is the safest way to secure children in the car. In the crash test, but most importantly also in real life.

Rear facing seats have more benefits than the tests show

Besides their strong safety performance seen in crash tests, the benefits of rear facing seats go beyond that – and look at all aspects of what makes a seat ‘safe’. For example, that it offers your child the same protection in any kind of accident, also the ones not shown in this consumer test. Or how about having a seamless transition after an infant seat, instead of having to wait till you can use a forward facing seat?

How rear facing seats help you and your child in real life