iZi Plus X1 awarded with “Best in Test 2019” by Folksam in Sweden

iZi Plus X1 takes over the first place

The Swedish insurance company Folksam recently updated their test for rearfacing toddler car seats (for children between 9 months old to approximate 4 years old). Out of the 32 different seats that were tested did iZi Plus X1 get awarded with the “Best in Test 2019”, and by winning did it take over the first place from it´s predecessor iZi Plus.

You can say a lot about the iZi Plus series but something everyone can agree on is that it truly is a testwinner. Since the launch of iZi Plus in 2013 have the carseat gotten a numerous of prestgious awards and also scored well when being crashtested. Allowing children to travel rearfacing until at least 5 years old, the iZi Plus have become a true consumer favourite.

“This news makes incredibly happy and we are very proud that the iZi Plus once again that it stands strong agains the new competitiors in the market” says Magnus Ifring, Product Specialist from BeSafe Sweden.

Folksams test differs from many other test since it´s researchers within the field of childrens safety in cars that perform the tests.

Folksam have used the following parametres to judge the child car seats:

  • Type of toddler car seat – rear facing or forward facing
  • Turnable combi-seat (To be classified as a good choice the seat needs to be rearfacing only)
  • Weight limits
  • The height of the chair back
  • Legspace
  • Installation of the seat
  • Support leg or installation in front seat
  • The side protection of the seat

The predecessor iZi Plus have been awarded with “Best in Test” by Bäst-i-Test.se fire times, most newly in 2018 when the seat was tested together with 18 other children car seats. iZi Plus was awarded top marks with with the justification “Spacious children car seat with multiple recline positions, adjustable during the ride and high weight limit”.

Other BeSafe toddler car seats in the Folksam test

Except the testwinner did all BeSafe toddler car seats, category 6 months to 4 years get categorized as “Good choice 2019”. “Good choice” means that the children car seats fullfills the majority of the most essential qualities a children cars seat should have according to Folksam. Folksam recomends that you should buy a children car seat that is approved up to 25kg, this means that all i-Size and ISOfix seats drops points since they are only approved up to 18kg.