Life saved by the BeSafe Pregnancy Belt?


Adelheid Nordhagen was in the 27th week of pregnancy when she was involved in a serious road accident. The BeSafe pregnancy belt may very well have saved the life of the baby she was carrying in her womb.

Abrupt stop at 60 km/h

Before the accident occurred, Adelheid had been having a busy day. She works as a nurse in the intensive care unit at Elverum Hospital and was travelling home from work when the car in front stopped abruptly at 60 km/h. Adelheid didn’t have a chance to react or swerve. She drove straight into the car. Fortunately, the driver behind her managed to brake rapidly and swerve at the last moment.

Inherited a pregnancy belt

Adelheid’s Peugeot 206 was a total wreck. All the air bags had inflated. Adelheid was also injured although she naturally thought most about the baby in her womb. Luckily, she had inherited a BeSafe Pregnancy Belt from her sister. She had also heard about the belt at work and knew that it could save lives.

The BeSafe Pregnancy Belt fitted over Adelheid’s hips and not her stomach, like an ordinary seat belt. However, the collision had been so powerful that she still began to feel contractions. Adelheid was rushed to Ullevål Hospital where she was given anti-contraction medication and strictly confined to bed for 6 weeks.

“If I had not been wearing the pregnancy belt, the outcome could have been completely different”

Adelheid followed the doctor’s advice and took things very easy until the birth on 20th November. Adelheid’s little princess, Vilde, was born 2.5 weeks before term.

Both Vilde and Adelheid are now in the very best of health. Adelheid recommends that all pregnant women should use the BeSafe Pregnancy Belt. “If I had not been wearing the pregnancy belt, the outcome could have been completely different,” says Adelheid.

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