Why we at BeSafe recommend that pregnant women should use a pregnancy belt

Pregnant mother in the car using BeSafe Pregnancy Belt

4 out of 10 pregnant women use the seat belt incorrectly

Folksam has together with the Chalmers Industriteknik Foundation carried out a survey that shows that there is a great deal of ignorance about how the seat belt should be used during pregnancy and that as many as 40 percent of all pregnant women use the belt incorrectly.

The survey showed that almost everyone uses a seat belt, but close to 40 per cent use it incorrectly. In the event of a collision, this can have devastating consequences for both the woman and the unborn child.

– The seat belt is the most important protection system and reduces the risk of death in a collision in a car by about 50 percent, so even for pregnant women. As a pregnant woman, it is extra important to think about how you put on the belt so that both you and the unborn child are optimally protected, says Helena Stigson, a researcher at Folksam.

The survey shows that the majority of women (84%) use the car every day or a few times a week. This means that pregnant women are often exposed to an increased risk of injury when the misuse is large. Only one-third of the women had received or actively sought information on how to use the seat belt during pregnancy, and even among these women, every third belt used incorrectly. The misuse was significantly higher in the group that did not receive any information. In this group, 42 per cent used the belt incorrectly.

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besafe pregnant belt

A pregnancy belt will help you ensure that the hip belt fits properly

We at BeSafe recommend using a pregnancy belt such as the BeSafe Pregnancy Belt as it ensures that the hip belt is held down towards the thighs and does not risk slipping up over the abdomen. In the event of a sharp deceleration or collision, the car’s belt will distribute the forces over the hip bones while soft parts of the abdomen, fetus and placenta are protected.

According to Folksam, it is also common for the diagonal belt to be placed incorrectly over the chest and abdomen. The diagonal belt should be pulled at the side of the abdomen, over the chest between the breasts and in the middle of the shoulder. The belt must not slide over the shoulder and should sit as close to the body as possible.

The survey also shows that several pregnant women experience a lack of comfort while driving when they are pregnant. Our pregnancy belt has a padded seat cushion that makes you sit more comfortably. Many also experience that the pressure on the bladder decreases with a pregnancy belt. Several mothers have also told us that they continue to use the pregnancy belt after the birth if they have had a caesarean section as the pregnancy belt helps to remove pressure on the surgical wound.

Our BeSafe Pregnancy Belt is tested according to ECE R16, which guarantees that it does not interfere with the seat belt function. It has also been crash-tested so that you can feel completely safe.

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