A rotating revolution is coming your way

Get ready for two new BeSafe car seats that will turn heads

At BeSafe we always strive towards creating the safest, most comfortable and easy-to-use car seats for children all over the world. It’s an important responsibility that we take great pride in developing even further, every single day.

Keeping your son or daughter safe is why BeSafe recommends that all children travel rear facing for as long as possible. The past and present prove our commitment to this cause, and it’s one of the reasons why we always have our eyes fixed on the road ahead when heading towards an even safer future, continuously developing new solutions that make it easier for your children to travel rear facing. As long as BeSafe face forward steering towards the future, your child can travel safely and rear facing into his, her and your future.

This is why we are immensely proud to introduce a new line of rotation child car seats to our Scandinavian home market as a pilot launch now, and then fully introduce the new products world-wide towards the end of the year: iZi Twist B i-Size and iZi Twist i-Size.

Child car seats that feature a rotation function make everyday life easier for families, by enabling them to turn the seat towards them when placing the child into the seat or taking them out. While rotation seats themselves are of course already common in the market, BeSafe is proud to make a strong entry by presenting two new products that truly revolutionize the concept of rear facing and rotating child seats by featuring one-of-a-kind installation and innovative technologies

More information about local availabilities and all product details will be shared at the world-wide launch, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to not miss these exciting BeSafe news!

Discover the BeSafe rotation seats

The Visionary One: The iZi Twist product line. By being rear facing only, this product line allows children to always travel 5x safer rear facing and fully embodies our BeSafe vision of rear facing travel. It features a smooth side-to-side rotation to easily place the child into the seat and buckle up.

iZi Twist B i-Size

Baby seat and toddler seat in one, for visionary rotation from birth up to approx. 4 years

iZi Twist i-Size

Toddler seat for visionary rotation from approx. 6 months to 4 years