For which age is this seat suitable?

This seat can be used from approximately 4 years to approximately 12 years.
However, please note that this is just an average value and does not limit or guarantee the usage time.
This seat may only be used when the minimum weight limit is reached, but in addition we recommend to use booster seats earliest when the child is at least 4 years old and is mature enough to calmly sit in the seat without playing with the vehicle belt or leaning out of the seat’s protection zone.
You must stop using this seat if the weight limit is reached or when when your child’s shoulders come into conflict with the integrated headrest when it is in its highest position.

For what height range can I use this seat?

Based on its approval, this seat only has weight limitations and no height limitations. But as it is the same construction as the iZi Flex FIX i-Size that is approved from 100-150cm, this seat fits children for the same height range.

Can I also detach the SIP bumpers of this seat?

Yes, the SIP bumpers can be detached from this seat, allowing you to fit up to three people in one row. When installing this seat on an outer vehicle seat, you can take the inner SIP bumper off in order to be able to fit several seats/people next to each other. When installing the seat in the middle position in the vehicle, both SIP bumpers can be taken off if you would like to place other seats/people next to the it on both sides. When installing this seat in the middle position in the vehicle but are only placing another seat/person next to it on one side, we recommend you to keep the other SIP bumper on the seat.

What are the differences between iZi Flex S FIX and iZi Flex FIX i-Size?

iZi Flex S FIX is a slightly scaled down version of the premium iZi Flex FIX i-Size that was launched in March 2018. iZi Flex FIX i-Size has 4 features that iZi Flex S FIX does not have: the SIP+, PAD+, adjustable recline positions and the lapbelt guider. All other aspects, e.g. the space-adjustability or the seat dimensions, are identical between both seats.

What is the lapbelt guider for and how do I use it?

When the child grows and changes from car seat with internal harness to a booster seat combined with the vehicle belt, the five-point belt changes to a three-point belt, and the freedom of movement becomes significantly greater. This often leads to the child moving more in the seat and therefore the risk of incorrect vehicle belt position increases, impacting the child’s safety.

For the iZi Flex FIX i-Size, BeSafe has developed a new innovation – the lapbelt guider. The idea comes directly from the BeSafe pregnant belt. The lapbelt guider simply helps positioning the child correctly in the seat and ensures that the belt is properly positioned over the child’s pelvic bones.

To open the lapbelt guider’s fid-lock magnet, pull the upper flap downwards. To close the lapbelt guider, simply let both ends of the fid-lock magnet snap into each other.