My child is sitting with bent legs, should I switch to a forward facing child car seat?

Children are significantly more flexible than adults, so just because something might look uncomfortable to us adults does not mean that it is uncomfortable for children.

In fact, many children find it more comfortable in rear facing seats, as they can rest their legs against the back of the vehicle seat. When sitting forward facing, the child’s legs would be dangling down, resulting in strain on the joints and bones.

Similarly, imagine sitting on a bar chair without putting your feet on the foot support but having your legs dangling – this typically also becomes uncomfortable for adults after a while.

It is five times safer to sit in a rear facing position than in a forward facing position and we recommend that your child sits in the absolute safest position – in a rear facing child car seat – as long as possible.

When can I stop using a child car seat?

This depends on a country’s own traffic regulations, the majority of European countries require securing children in child car seats up to a stature height of 135 cm, yet some countries demand usage up to 150 cm or sometimes until the age of 12. Please check your country’s regulations for this.

We at BeSafe recommend you to secure your child in a high back booster seat for as long as possible – until a stature height of 150 cm, even if not demanded by local legislation. A high back booster seat offers children important side impact protection and aids an optimal positioning of the vehicle’s lapbelt and shoulderbelt.

Install the seat correct

When you visit your dealer, it is important that you receive proper advice. A child seat that has been incorrectly installed can have fatal consequences. You should therefore visit your dealer and read the user guide carefully. The user guide may be found on the product pages.

Carry out research beforehand

Carry out research before you visit any shops. Read a little about the various groups of car seats and try to identify your own needs.

Never buy used safety products

Never be tempted into saving money by purchasing a used product. A used seat may offer a poor level of safety, either due to wear and tear or involvement in an accident. A used seat may compromise safety as it is not possible to know what type of treatment it has been subject to. Think of safety before cost.