What is the partially hovering installation for and how does it work?

Besides its three in-built recline positions, iZi Plus X1 also features the special installation method of partially hovering. With this method, the end of the seat’s base that is at the front brace can hover a bit above the vehicle seat, allowing to counter-balance sloping vehicle seats. Important for this installation method is:

– The other end of the base that is towards the support leg has to rest on the vehicle seat. The child seat is not allowed to hover completely

– The support leg has to have a minimum 90 degree angle towards the vehicle floor or should be pointing slightly towards the seat in front. The support leg must never be pointing towards the vehicle seat that the child seat is on

– The front brace (‘anti-rotation bar’) must be pushed firmly into the backrest of the vehicle seat, so that the child car seat does not move when being pushed.