What is ISOfix and how does it make your life as a parent easier?

ISOfix describes a method of attaching a child seat to a car, which makes it easy to install a car seat or an ISOfix base correctly. The car features the so-called ISOfix anchorage points, which are metal bars that are connected to the car body. The child seat then features ISOfix arms with connectors that hook around the metal bars. With a simple click, you have then attached your child seat to the car. However, even though ISOfix is an international standard, the structure can vary from car to car, year of construction, equipment grade and market. We have listed a few important facts to consider when looking for a new child car seat.

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In which positions can I use a child car seat with ISOfix?

It is important to remember that even if a car is equipped with ISOfix, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it features ISOfix-anchorages in all positions. Most commonly, the two outer rear bench seats are equipped with ISOfix, while the seat in the middle, as well as the passenger seat, often don’t feature it. Always make sure to check whether your car features ISOfix in the position where you want to use the child car seat and that your car’s user manual allows installing a child car seat there.

Hidden ISOfix anchorages

In some cars, the ISOfix anchorages can be located quite far down or hidden between the seat cushions. This makes it quite difficult to reach them when installing a child car seat. All BeSafe seats that feature ISOfix installation have therefore a method that makes it easier to reach anchorages that are located deeply between the seat cushions, for example with a locking function. If the anchorages are hidden, a tip is to use your hand to find them before you start to attach the seat that makes it easier.

Why steep vehicle seats and deep ISOfix anchorages can be problematic for rear facing child car seats

If the anchorages are located far down in the seat or the car’s rear bench is quite steep, a baby or rear facing toddler car seat can get a relatively upright position. This is often not a safety concern but can be uncomfortable especially for smaller children. BeSafe has taken on this challenge created by the car industry and developed the Universal Level Technology™: a special seat-and-base design that is constructed even for the worst cases of sloping vehicle seats and offers the child a comfortable sitting position in any car.

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Always test the child car seat in your car

For a child car seat to offer maximum protection as well as smooth handling, it needs to fit the car, the child and the individual family situation. That’s why we always recommend trying a child car seat in your car and with your child before buying the seat. Reach out to a BeSafe retailer and they will gladly help you to find the perfect match for your situation.

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